At the Sources of the Arno

All Mountain Easy

1 day trip

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The Gothic Line

Cross Country Easy

Half-day trip

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The Calvana's Magics

Cross Country Hard

1 day trip

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On the track of the Partisans

Cross Country Medium

1 day trip

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Bilancino Lake Tour

Family Easy

Half-day trip

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The best mountain bike tours of the Mugello

The Mugello offers an endless variety of paths

You can opt for a sightseeing tour around the Bilancino Lake, admiring the different species of birds that nest around the lake, or ride up the 1657 meters of Monte Falco, or even follow the paths and trails of historical significance, such as the famous Gothic Line and the trails followed by the partisan resistance during WWII; you can visit castles and farms, as the Cafaggiolo Castle or the Castle of Trebbio, or enjoy gourmet tours and discover the local cuisine.

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Have real fun:

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Mountain Bike Courses

Do you want to improve your skills?

Bikemood school provides courses for all mtbiker level. We have graduated masters of the National MTB School. You can enjoy learning to ride a tecnical skill (climbing for instance), or a single freeride trick as bunny hop or manual. You will be amazed on how you can improve your skills with simple, effective and step by step exercize during your holiday.

Go to the dedicated page and book a course.


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Types of tours

From XC to AM
From Freeride to Touristic

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